Art Collection

The BilbaoArte Collection comprises over 600 pieces and covers all contemporary practices and disciplines.  It closely reflects BilbaoArte’s mission as an art production centre. Since 1998, the artists in residence leave one or several pieces in the Collection at the end of their stay and training at BilbaoArte in return for the support received. 

Overall, the BilbaoArte Collection reflects the contemporary art scene of recent years, and boasts an important selection of high-quality works by international, Spanish and Basque artists.  This intrinsic nature of peer growth through its artist production is a unique feature as an expression of the art of the present. 

Regular group exhibitions of the Collection are organised in a bid to showcase the artists in residence and to offer new readings and interpretations of the vision that the works and artists offer overall.  

In April 2023, the BilbaoArte Collection was recognised by the Basque Government in the Register of Museums and Collections of the Basque Country.  That authority has awarded two subsidies for the municipal project: one for the professional photographic recording, cataloguing and documenting of the collection, and the other for the first exhibition.



Sin título

Sin título

Loeda, Sergio D.

Óleo y fluorescente sobre aluminio

El hombre orquesta (Selección D20) Jesús Pueyo (2020)

El hombre orquesta (Selección D20)
Jesús Pueyo (2020)

EL HOMBRE ORQUESTA (Selección D20) Tres canales de vídeo HD (PAL 1080/25p. 16/9, color, sonido) en loop, sobre tres pantallas de gran formatoMedidas: 3 monitores o pantallas de vídeo de 90 pulgadas aprox. verticales y en paralelo. Duración: 7' 25'' en loop

Chatarra #1 Katharina Fitz (2015)

Chatarra #1
Katharina Fitz (2015)

Chatarra #1  Información adicional: Fridolín, Valor 3€, Duración 5 horas, Media diaria 6€, Chatarrero desde 2014 Tinta en papel FineArt Museum RAG, 310gr, 100% AlgodónMedidas variablesEl proyecto CHATARRA se fundamenta en la reflexión sobre conceptos como la...