The MediaLab provides the space, materials and technology for computer-aided manufacturing. Its objective is to serve as a laboratory to experiment and explore construction processes and digital media.

It is intended for the construction of prototypes and mechanisms, or for the production of objects in small quantities. It is divided into two spaces:

– 3D PRINTING, MODELING AND SCANNING. With three 3D printers (Tumaker flying v2, Tumaker flying v2x2 double head and bq Prusa i3 Ephestos 2), two 3D scanners (Tumaker DigiBuu, with David 3D scanner software and Bq Ciclop with Horus software), power supplies, a charging station welding and material for electronics prototyping.

– LASER ENGRAVING AND CUTTING. The second space contains a laser cutter/engraver (GM CO2 9060) and a CNC milling machine (MX 1318 with vacuum table).

The MediaLab’s workshop’s person in charge is Jon Bilbao.