Guided visits for the general public: «Artists in Residence 2023/24: New Acquisitions (BilbaoArte Collection)» at URIBITARTE40

On Wednesdays 3 and 17 July and 7 and 28 August 2024, BilbaoArte’s URIBITARTE40 Hall will offer guided tours of the exhibition “Artists in Residence 2023/24: New Acquisitions (BilbaoArte Collection)” aimed at the general public, in Spanish and Basque, and accessible to people with hearing disabilities. They will be simultaneous in Spanish Sign Language and spoken language. Attendance is free and open to the public until full capacity is reached.

Practical information:

Dates: July 3 and August 7 (Basque), July 17 and August 28 (Spanish), Wednesdays
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Venue: URIBITARTE40 Hall
(Paseo de Uribitarte, 40. 48009 Bilbao).

Free entry until capacity is reached.

Artists in Residence 2023/24: New Acquisitions (BilbaoArte Collection)

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE 2023/24 is a collective exhibition that brings together the work of the latest generation of artists residing at BilbaoArte in the form of a Grant with a Studio Loan in 2023/24. 12 artists who leave, in total, more than twenty works that become part of the BilbaoArte Bilduma Collection. A collection that was born in parallel to the artistic production centre in 1998, integrated into the Basque Country Collections Network since 2023 and which exceeds 600 pieces thanks to these additions.

Participant artists: Marinés Agurto Hormazábal (Lima, 1984), Argiñe Ceballos Gelozaga (Ugao-Miraballes, 1999), Gabriel Coca (Pamplona, 1989), Katherinne Fiedler Gonzales-Daly (Lima, 1982), Antton Goikoetxea Ayastuy (Mungia, 1990), Amaia Gracia Azqueta (Pamplona, 1985), María Hernández Laplaza (Tudela, 1990), Lucía Jayo Altomirano (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1999), Alberto Lomas Gancedo (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1967), Victor Ortuño (Yecla, 1995), José M. Ruiz Bermúdez (Priego de Córdoba, 1996) and Jorge Sanz Eraña (Bilbao, 2000).