The fine steel pins of a profile gauge can be used to extract negative moulds. The contours traced begin to lose their shape once new forms take their place.

The artist visited 14 locations in the city of Bilbao to document varied architectural elements using this method. These included parts of a balustrade, the edges of a wall, and the surface of a monument which is reminiscent of one of the oldest houses in Bilbao.

The coordinates of these 14 points derived from a spiral based on the Fibunacci number sequence, which the artist drew on a city map of Bilbao on a scale of 1: 15,000. This snail-like drawing originated in the studio of the BilbaoArte Fundación, from where, together with the architect Remigius Gnetner, she searched through the coordinates of the city. She photographed the architect as he traced the contours, documenting the process, the architectural elements and the specific location. Three connected photo series, as well as the city map with the drawing, can be seen in the exhibition room.In her work, the artist explores urban architecture, the constantly evolving cityscape and its dynamics.

Janine Maria Schneider studied at the Performative Arts department at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. In her work, she explores preformative expressive possibilities, currently at their interface with the architectural. Questions of receiving and remembering are central in her artistic practise. Since 2009, the snail is a recurring motif throughout her work. She currently lives and works in Vienna.