AZAR OTHMAN (Moving Artists, 2018)

My works stem from society’s issues which then become a tool for my research on a certain topic for my art work.

I usually start with a question on each one of these topics on which I then design my work plan. My reason for working on society’s issues is because it always contains lively questions and topics of the current time which are continuously renewed and changed with the changes of the situations.

Given our encounters with the modern world, the questions find themselves in a new context, and the society and thought would change as a result.

In this project, I will work on a current issue especially on the place in which I execute the work, and then the project would aim at dealing with the following:

  • Dealing with place in terms of concept and relation with the form of the work form
  • The topic of “control” through technology and new media.
  • Creating relations with the viewer (people) via directed and current world questions which create a debate once more within the work.

Therefore, the objective of the work is asking the question whether art should play a role in the work with a new form and a new relation with people so that it would interact with the public and individuals.

The viewer is being asked in this work and in the meantime has the answers. The purpose is that through these answers we can follow the other individuals’ thinking and interpretation for the topic. For example, a topic like the environment becomes a question as a public concern and everyone should work on it. Afterwards this creates a new debate around the development of individuals and their treatment of the environment as well as giving back values to place, its protection, and asking the question if humankind could be transformed for being a consumer to a producer.

When I came to Bilbao from the second day I started working on Bilbao Arte which is the good place for creating and build a project from the beginning till the end.

My artwork is in New media of art context, the form is Drawing desk connect with Tablet, the project is two part, first one it’s a desk I put it on main street in front of Sala Rekalde Other Part is streaming video in the gallery when peoples go to gallery they saw answers from people that they wrote down answers on the desk.