The mural that covers the building is the work of the designer and muralist Iagoba Moly, whose proposal, ‘Rojo, blanco, etc.’, was the winner of the ideas competition for the renovation of the BilbaoArte Foundation’s façade.

The painting of the ashlars of the façade to generate gradients and scales stands out, as well as the choice of colors in tune with the BilbaoArte logo, designed by Alberto Corazón, leaving the entrance to the exhibition hall bathed in the characteristic red color of the logo of the Foundation and Bilbao City Council.

The materialization of the project was carried out by a team of artists specialized in murals throughout the month of August 2022, made up of: Jorge Rubio, Carlos León, Sergio García, Felipe Calderón & José Ramón Bañales (Bada).

Rojo, blanco, etc. intends to pictorially decorate the facade of the BibaoArte Foundation so that it is better suited to its current use, giving it a more experimental and artistic air, but without completely erasing the neoclassical facade of the building. For this I have played with the decorative and architectural elements of the building of Gregorio de Ibarretxe Ugarte”.
Iagoba Moly