Use of workshops

To access the use of the workshops, an artistic dossier must be presented in digital format in which the curricular trajectory and the general lines on which their work is currently developed are collected.

Said private information will be used “only” in order to be legitimized by the management and by the person responsible for the Workshop in which the user preferably plans to carry out the majority of their work.

Once the acceptance is confirmed, the rest of the documentation will be requested:

  1. Image of the D.N.I. or passport
  2. Document of acceptance of conditions of use of workshops filled in and signed
  3. Proof of payment of the annual fee (€ 50) from February 1 to February 1 of the next year

Terms and conditions

1. In order to access the workshops, an artistic dossier must be submitted in a digital format, which must include a brief statement of the professional career of the artist and the general lines about the work he/she is currently carrying out. This private information will “only” be used in order to be legitimized by the Board of Directors and the person in charge of the workshop for which the artist has a preference to use in order to carry out most of the work.

2. The applicant must pay an annual fee of 50€ (due date for making the payment and showing the receipt: first two weeks of February), which will cover the artist’s accident insurance that the Foundation subscribes for all the workshops users, and the ID card that is needed to access the facilities of the Foundation and its different services.

Likewise, the artist-user category allows the person to benefit from the discounts (between 30% and 50%) that are applied for different activities, seminars, and practice activities that often take place at the Bilbao Arte Foundation.

3. The access and the stay at the Bilbao Arte Foundation will take place according to the calendar and the timetable established in the opening program of the center.

4. The authorization for the use of the workshops does not confer any right to use the common spaces and material resources exclusively, which means that they can and must be shared with other artists. This is why it is fundamental to make an appointment with the person responsible for the workshop before making use of certain services specifying how long the use of the space is expected to take.

5. The Foundation declines any type of responsibility in case of deterioration or loss of materials and/or art works that are being made that might result from any type of incidence (fire, theft, flooding, etc.)

6. The use of the Center and the assigned spaces is strictly prohibited for any intervention that violates human rights and causes offend or attempts to the freedom of expression. Failure to fulfill this term may lead to an immediate finalization of the tasks and the expelling of the person from the Center.

7. The subsequent public exhibition of the works made within the facilities and with the materials and/or the support provided by the Bilbao Arte team must expressly mention that they have been produced at Bilbao Arte. Failure to fulfill this condition will lead to a complete disqualification and the loss of the rights to be a user at Bilbao Arte.

8. The workshops will always be accessed under the supervision of the person in charge, and a work plan about what is going to be made must be presented beforehand in order to facilitate and determine the use of different spaces, technical resources, and the materials that will be needed to carry out the project. Infrastructures and/or furniture will not be moved. Each area has specific rules of use and operation that will be made available by each person in charge. The free disposal or transfer of elements owned by the Center without authorization and/or in breach of the instructions indicated by those responsible for the area is under the exclusive responsibility of the artist

9. With the exception of special assumptions which will have to be explicitly authorized by the Board of Directors, the perishable materials used in the realization of the art works will be provided by the artist.

10. After having used the common working spaces, it is compulsory to tidy up and leave all the materials and the machinery used during the realization of the art works completely cleaned. The repeated failure to keep this behavior will lead to the temporary cessation in the use of the services.

11. The artist will not have access to the chosen workshop while it is being used for courses and seminars. A note will be posted on the door of the workshop a week in advance specifying how long the workshop is going to be “out of service”. Likewise, specific information about all the activities will be provided on the webpage.

12. The services offered in the workshops that involve significant costs of materials or expenses due to a reiterated use will have to be covered according to the established price-list (printouts, batches, etc.).