The graphic arts workshop is located on the fourth floor, at the highest part of the building.

For etching the workshop is equipped with two manual etching presses and a vertical one, a resin case, a burner, a UV projector for photogravure, a plate heater, a contact copier for photogravure, staining area, an acids room equipped with buckets, and tools required to develop techniques of engraving intaglio and relief, such as scrapers, rollers, punches, gouges, electric drill, dryer and basic consumables.

For screen printing the workshop is equipped with two tables for flat printing (with and without suction base) and rowing, a textile printing table, tables for drawing and stamping, a light table, a press heat, UV exposure equipment, cleaning equipment for recovery of screens, scrapers, screens with various measures and basic consumables for experimentation.

The graphic arts workshop’s master is Pilar Valdivieso.