BilbaoArte is an artistic production centre belonging to the Culture Department of the Bilbao City Council.

It provides resident artists with the means and infrastructures required to develop their artistic ideas. Its fundamental objective is to provide an outstanding professionalization of artists by offering modern equipment and infrastructures.

Since it opened in 1998, it has been focused on the development of grants and financial aids; activities such courses, workshops, seminars and conferences involving consolidated and prestigious creators; exhibitions by young creators; promotion of artist exchanges with other art centres; and artistic advice for the development of institutional projects.

In terms of its infrastructures, BilbaoArte has a usable surface area of approximately 3,500 m2, divided into four floors, as well as a loading and unloading area and the following facilities:

  • Sculpture and construction, silkscreening and engraving, editing and printing, and MediaLab (digital making) workshops, as well as an AudioLab (isolated booth for sound recording), a film set and a dark room for developing. These workshops are provided with all the equipment and facilities needed for artistic practice. They also have specialised personnel in charge of providing information for users and guaranteeing the correct use of the infrastructures.
  • Assignment spaces. Shared and individual studios that are lent out for the development of artistic projects.
  • Multipurpose rooms: versatile spaces for courses and workshops.
  • Exhibition room equipped for any artistic intervention, from the most classic proposals to the setting up of installations, projections, performances, etc.
  • Art House Zinema. Screening and conference room.
  • Glass Courtyard, for presentations and performances.
  • Magnolia patio. An inner space dominated by a big magnolia tree for the artists and visitors to enjoy, take some rest and get some fresh air.
  • Library: including a magazine collection and numerous publications and catalogues dealing with various artistic disciplines. Users and visitors can consult the daily press and find information about calls, grants and other artistic or cultural activities both nationally and internationally.

Additionally, BilbaoArte has two spaces outside the main headquarters:

  • URIBITARTE40 Hall, equipped for any artistic intervention, from the most classic proposals to the creation of installations, projections, performances, etc., and intended solely and exclusively for projects produced at the center.
  • Temporary transfer studios in Otxarkoaga, to give continuity to projects by artists who have passed through the foundation or to carry out specific works that require a space for their development.