The sculpture and construction workshop is located on the third floor of the building and consists of two different working areas.

The interior area, is where the main equipment for production and machining is: fixed machinery, electro-portable machinery, portable machinery for pneumatic installation, workbenches, humid area, storage area for chemicals and portable items, manual tools and work equipment.

The exterior area, is where the works that need air ventilation are done. It’s also where the grant holding artists’, users’ and also recycling materials are kept. This area links with the back of the building and is also used for loading and unloading. This same area has fixed benches for working, is where wastes are collected and ceramic kilns are located.

The workshop provides the necessary equipment for the manual carrying out of different projects and technical processes: carpentry (in wood and metal) works, welding, works in cement, gypsum, etc., mould building, works in polyester resin, polyurethane, epoxy, etc., installation building, supports, packing, etc., modelling, carving, sanding, cutting, baking and setting up are done.

The Sculpture’s workshop’s person in charge is Mario Paniego.