NIGA SALAM (Moving Artists, 2018)

“What is the difference? ” a question i put up as the title of my work, as you can see both photos are me and both are almost identical, the main difference is the hijab or niqab, this is not just one difference. in my daily life as i walk around, people take this point as their main excuse to treat me differently, and it is widely spread everywhere, some places treat the covered better or vise versa, but at the end aren’t i but a human like you?, and here i am in both forms which none of them changes the fact that i am me, and just like anybody else, why does a piece of fabric has to make you choose on how you treat me, but not based on who actually am?

Photos are a way of talking, for me it is a way to express and to let the audience through a big wide open window to be free in mind and answer to my call, to my forms of work, and thus their answers becomes my story, and my story being every other women’s story out there, and show what we go through as the gender difference gap is really huge and all the abuse is hidden from everyone.