Guided visits: «Waving + Book No-Book» at URIBITARTE40

On Wednesdays, April 3 and 10, 2024, the URIBITARTE40 Hall of BilbaoArte will offer guided visits of its «Waving» and «Book No-Book» exhibitions aimed at the general public, in Spanish and Basque, and accessible to people with hearing impairments. They will be simultaneous in Spanish and spoken Sign Language. Attendance is free of charge until capacity is reached.

Practical information:

Dates: Wednesday, April 3 (Basque) and April 10 (Spanish)
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: URIBITARTE40 Room
(Paseo de Uribitarte, 40. 48009 Bilbao).

Free entry until capacity is reached.


Waving is the latest artistic project of the artist Marta van Tartwijk (Barcelona, 1990), designed especially for the BilbaoArte Foundation municipal URIBITARTE40 Hall. The exhibition is based on her work during her residency; it features a series of items straddling drawing, audiovisual, sound and sculpture. 

The exhibition title, Waving, plays with the nonexistence of a term in both Spanish or Basque that captures the double meaning contained in the English word. “Waving” is the gerund of “wave” in the sense of moving to and fro like a “wave”, a mass of water curling and advancing towards the shore, the propagation of a fluctuation in space. Yet “to wave” is also the action of moving your hand as a greeting. This word forges together a continuous repetitive movement in the landscape and in the body, thus generating a coherence between both.


Book No-Book is an exhibition by Roberto Aguirrezabala (Sestao, 1971), artist-in-residence at BilbaoArte in 2010 and 2015. The project brings together – in a single installation comprising over forty pieces – his most recent artistic creation around the underground resistance, using self-publishing of handmade manifestos as an evolutionary process. The exhibit features his most recent artist books, editorial texts that push their own limits, and intervened items and historical artefacts from the 20th-century resistance. The historical memory is the thread running through a clearly multidisciplinary work. Photography, sculpture, the installation, craft, critical thought and political action coexist to explore the social and identity conflicts of the individual.